1. When is launch? Is this a Team Build?

We will launch with our high tech website on May 18, 2018 at 12 PM GMT time. Emails will go out with user names and temporary passwords on May 18, 2018 to those that pre-registered. New members can join at that time and members can purchase more positions.

2. Is this a team build?

This is a Team Build! No individual links! We are a Crowd Fund that receives and shares donations. We are NOT an investment program.

3. Will there be a website?

There will be two websites! One will be informational that can be shared for promotional purposes and the other will be a very excellent website for member purposes!

4. How much is each position?

 Each position is $7 in Bitcoin, BCH, LITE Coin, ETH or Ripple.

5. What is the comp plan?

Revolution Matrix 1 Level 1  When 3 members are placed under you, you will receive $21 (3 x $7) which will be used to upgrade you to Revolution Matrix 1 Level 2.
Revolution Matrix 1 Level 2  In this Level, you will receive $189 (9 x $21) from your Level 2 out of which $100 will be used to auto upgrade you to
Innovation Matrix 2 Level 1, $75 will be paid to you, $7 goes to PIF Fund and you get 1 re-entry to Revolution Matrix 1 Level 1.
Innovation Matrix 2 Level 1 You will receive $300 (3 x $100) from your First Level out of which $150 will be used to upgrade you to Matrix 2 Level 2, $100 will be paid to you, $43 goes to the PIF Fund and you get 1 re-entry to Matrix 1 Level 1.
Innovation Matrix 2 Level 2 This is the Final Level where you will receive $1350 (9 x $150) from your Level 2 out of which $1000 will be paid to you, $329 goes to PIF Fund and you get 3 re-entries to Revolution Matrix 1 Level 1.

5 Total Re-Entries and 54 PIF Re-entries.

6. What are the basic facts of this Crowd Fund: •

Everyone Joins with One Link only from our official website. • Earn $1175 over & over. • 5 Re-entries upon completion with automatic upgrades to the next level • Generation of 54 PIF Funds from each position to help fill the gaps. • Spillovers from Admin. • Multiple Crypto Coins Payment Options for Joining including Bitcoin, BCH, Lite Coin, ETH, or Ripple • Payout in Bitcoin only.

7. How many positions can I buy a day?

You can purchase 1 position every two hours.

8. Will there be stacking of positions in the matrix?

No, they will be entered two hours a part so they are not stacked!

9. Are withdrawals automatic?

Once you have the $75 or more in your back office wallet balance you can request a withdrawal. It is sent instantly after you request it. They can be requested and sent 7 days a week.

10. Can I purchase from my back office?

Yes. You can purchase from funds that you earn upon cycling and can also fund your back office and purchase from there with those funds.

11. What do I do upon entry into the website?

 a. Change your password. b. Answer the security questions and set those. c. Enter your Bitcoin Wallet address to RECEIVE funds to. (Do NOT make a mistake with this. Bitcoin Wallet only for withdrawals for receiving funds. If you put the wrong wallet address you will not receive your funds).

12. Is PIF (Pay it Forward) Available? Is there a PIF List and requirements?

The information for this list and PIF requirements will be announced after launch which takes place on May 18, 2018.

13. Can friends or family members share the same Bitcoin wallet address to receive their withdrawn donations?

No, each member must have their own Bitcoin wallet address. It is essential that you provide the correct Bitcoin wallet to be assured your withdrawals are sent to you. This can not be corrected if you give the wrong address. All withdrawals are in Bitcoin.

14. How can I learn more about the program?

Please read the informational resources in the FILE Section of our Facebook Group Visuals of the comp plan are posted there also. Also, read all updates from the Admins on our Facebook Group page.

15. What is your Official Facebook Group?

16. What is your telegram link for that group?

Telegram Link -

17. Will there be team calls?

Yes. They will be scheduled on Zoom. Watch the Facebook Group for that link and schedule. Recordings will also be stored on a file in our Facebook Group.

19. Current company email?

Our official email address :